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Repair Services

We repair most Mac and PC computer models. From hardware issues that require hard drive, screen or battery replacements to virus and spyware removal, other software services, and much more. We also provide a wide range of services for small businesses that includes networking, network attached storage setup and remote assistance.

In-Store Computer Service

We always offer free in-store evaluations and diagnostics. Try us out at no risk.

On-Site Computer Service

Onsite technicians can go to you. We can solve networking problems, connect devices such as printers and work on multiple computers in a single visit.

Virus Removal

Our computer Tune-up service removes all viruses, spyware, malware, adware and fixing any problems left behind. Tune-up warranty. If your computer gets reinfected within 30 days of pickup, no matter how it happens, we will fix it once more for free.

Computer Dusting and Cleaning

Dust can cause many internal computer problems. Shorts, excess heat and component failure. We offer dusting and cleaning services to mitigate all of the negative effects, before it's too late.

One such problem is shorting out connections by building a dust bridge between them. This short could temporarily disrupt the flow of electricity, or it could case permanent damage to motherboards, power supplies and more.

Excess heat can be generated by the blanket effect that dust can cause. This can trap heat inside the case not allowing it to escape. Dust can also cause fans to cease up by getting between the bearings. 

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